Moez Adel AbdelAziz AbdelGawad
(Moez A. AbdelGawad)

Assistant Professor
Informatics Research Institute (IRI)
SRTA-City, New Borg ElArab, Egypt
      Adjunct Assistant Professor
Computer and Systems Eng. Dept. (CSED)
Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria Univ., Egypt
Remote Visiting Scientist (2020-2025) and Ph.D. (2011)
Computer Science, Rice University, Houston TX, USA
CV & BIOs QAL (Quantum Algorithms Lab)

Research Interests

  • Quantum programming, quantum algorithms, and quantum informatics. Categorical quantum theory.
  • Programming languages theory (PLT). Object-oriented programming (OOP) type systems.
  • Cryptography and computer security. Digital image processing. Neural networks and deep learning.*
  • CV & BIOs.  (Current research and teaching goals.)

Select Publications



  • Spring 2024: Authoring QAL, an innovative visual interactive web app for teaching and researching quantum algorithms and related mathematical fields.
  • Winter/Spring 2022: SRTA-City Winter School (one-week training programme) on basics of quantum computing and its applications.
  • Fall 2021: Basics of Quantum Computing and Quantum Algorithms   (invited whiteboard lectures. no slides).
  • July 2020: Online Quantum Computing Summer Course (Announced)   (45-min. slides. announcement poster. Course postponed due to Covid-19.)
  • May/June 2020: Towards an Order and Category Theoretic Model of Java Generics   (extended version. preprint).
  • May 2020: Using Quantum Computers and Supercomputers to Address COVID-19 in Egypt   (research proposal [QuanCovEg]. 10-min. slides).

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* In case of wondering how OOP programming languages, quantum computing, and computer security are related, the math used in modeling OOP generics, in modeling quantum processes, and the math behind cryptographic algorithms have much in common (hover with your mouse over last text to see more).

1 ACT’19 is the Applied Category Theory conference organized in July 2019 by the Quantum Group of the CS Dept. at Oxford University, UK.
2 FTfJP’17 is the Formal Techniques for Java-like Programs workshop of the European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming (ECOOP) conference held in Barcelona, Spain in June 2017.
3 Nominally-typed object-oriented programming languages include mainstream OOP languages such as Java, C#, C++, Scala, and Kotlin.