• Step 1 (1998): I learned about quantum computing and quantum cryptography during my M.Sc. research, while developing 2D-Encryption Mode (2DEM).

  • Step 2 (2018): IBM offering its Q Experience.

  • Step 3 (June 2019): Acceptance of extended abstract on modeling OOP generics at the Applied Category Theory (ACT’19) conference organized by the Quantum Group of the CS department at Oxford University, UK.

  • Step 4 (July 2019): Attending the AlexQCG quantum computing summer school.

  • Step 5 (Aug 2019, defining moment!): Attending the 50th CSED Jubilee, particularly the speech of Dr. Amr Talaat, the Egyptian Minister of Communications and Information Technology, on the intensification of government support for new technologies, including quantum technology and quantum computing.

  • Step 6 (2018-2020): Realizing the tremendous interest in quantum computing and quantum technologies—reflected, e.g., in the enormous funding of quantum research—by governments, intelligence agencies, top universities, and major businesses worldwide.
    • Including those in the US, Canada, China, Europe (UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, ...), Australia, Japan, Singapore, and much more.  (See the ‘Why Learn About Quantum Computing’ slides posted here.)

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