Quantum Computing: An App-Oriented Approach (Quantum Programming)

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Course Schedule

Fall 2019
Sat., 12:10pm-3:00pm

Lecture Slides

Part I: Basics

Lect 0: Why Learn About Quantum Computing

Lect 01: Quantum Programming (QP): Introduction
Lect 02: QP: Primitive Operations

Lect 03: QP: Modules: Arith. & Logic
Lect 04: QP: Modules: Amplit. Amplif.
Lect 05: QP: Modules: QFT
Lect 06: QP: Modules: Phase Est.

Part II: Apps

Lect 07: QP: Modules/Apps: Simulation

Lect 08: QP: Apps: Search
Lect 09: QP: Apps: Graphics
Lect 10: QP: Apps: Cryptography
Lect 11: QP: Apps: Machine Learning

Lect 12: QP: The Future (available upon request)

Useful Links

List of quantum computing simulators

Course Textbook

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Recommended ‘Quantum X’ Books

"To read one book thrice is more beneficial to me than reading three books once" -- Abbas AlAqqaad
General: ☆ The Second Quantum Revolution, Springer, 2019

X = Computing

Quantum Computing for Everyone, MIT Press, 2019
Quantum Computing: A Gentle Introduction, MIT Press, 2014
Quantum Computation and Quantum Information (“Mike & Ike”), Cambridge University Press, 2010
Quantum Computing Explained, Wiley, 2008

X = Applications

Quantum Image Processing, Springer, 2020
Quantum Machine Learning, Elsevier (AP), 2016
Schrödinger's Killer App (Quantum Cryptography), CRC Press, 2013

X = Programming

Quantum Computing for Developers, Manning Publications, 2020
Quantum Computing: An Applied Approach, Springer, 2019
Programming Quantum Computers, O’Reilly, 2019
Practical Quantum Computing for Developers, Apress, 2018
Foundations of Quantum Programming, Elsevier (MK), 2016
Quantum Computing for Computer Scientists, Cambridge University Press, 2008
Quantum Computer Science: An Introduction, Cambridge University Press, 2008
Programming the Universe, Random House, 2007

X = Science/Math

Picturing Quantum Processes, Cambridge University Press, 2017
☆☆ The Princeton Companion to Mathematics, Princeton University Press, 2008
The Road to Reality, Random House, 2005

X = Physics

Something Deeply Hidden, OneWorld, 2019
Tales of The Quantum, Oxford University Press, 2017
Introducing Quantum Theory: A Graphic Guide, Icon Books, 2014
Advanced Visual Quantum Mechanics, Springer, 2005
Visual Quantum Mechanics, Springer, 2002

Interesting Webpages

  • QNLP 2019
  • HSP and eigenvalue estimation
  • First quantum-computing hackathon @ CERN
  • Coming, bit by qubit
  • Quantum algorithm zoo
  • Hadamard transform (wikipedia)
  • Fourier transform (wikipedia)
  • The Fourier transform website
  • Quantum convolutional neural networks (QCNNs)
  • Machine learning in quantum spaces
  • Visual quantum mechanics
  • Top 12 QC research universities
  • More to come...

  • Recommended Videos and Animations

  • Fabric of the cosmos (Nova HD)
  • A ‘loophole-free’ Bell test
  • Fredkin gate (C-SWAP) from billiard balls
  • Many more to come...
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