Book Chapters and Articles

1-Chan-Su Lee, AhmedElgammal and MarwanTorki "Learning Representations From Multiple Manifolds" Accepted in Pattern Recognition Journal, Aug. 2015 [pdf][doi]

2- Ahmed Elgammal and Marwan Torki “Learning Image Manifolds from Local Features” Manifold Learning Theory and Applications, Edited by Yun Fu, CRC Press 2011, Pages 233–252 Print ISBN: 978-1-4398-7109-6 [pdf]

Conference Papers

1- 1- Moustafa Meshry, Mohamed E. Hussein and Marwan Torki "Linear-time Online Action Detection From 3D Skeletal Data Using Bags of Gesturelets" IEEE WACV 2016 [pdf][code]
2- Moustafa Meshry, Ahmed Taha and Marwan Torki "Multi-Modality Feature Transform: An Interactive Image Segmentation Approach" BMVC 2015, Swansea city, UK [pdf][code]
3- Ahmed Taha and Marwan Torki "Seeded Laplacian: An Interactive Image Segmentation Approach usning EigenFunctions" ICIP 2015, Quebec city, Canada [pdf][code]
4-  Amr Sharaf, Marwan Torki, Mohamed Hussein and Motaz Elsaban "Real-time Multi-scale Action Detection From 3D Features" WACV 2015 [pdf] [presentation]
5- Tarek El-Gaaly, Marwan Torki and Ahmed Elgammal "Spatial-Visual Label Propagation for Local Feature Classification" ICPR 2014 (oral) [pdf][presentation]
6- Mohamed E. Hussein, Marwan Torki, Mohammad A. Gowayyed and Motaz El-Saban "Human Action Recognition Using a Temporal Hierarchy of CovarianceDescriptors on 3D Joint Locations"IJCAI 2013 [pdf][poster][Onset and Offset anntoations for MSRC12 gesture data]
7- Mohammad A. Gowayyed, Marwan Torki, Mohamed E. Hussein and Motaz El-Saban"Histogram of Oriented Displacements (HOD): Describing Trajectories of Human Joints for Action Recognition"IJCAI 2013 (oral)[pdf][poster][presentation]
8- Tarek El-Gaaly, Marwan Torki, Ahmed Elgammal and Maneesh Singh "RGBD Object Pose Recognition using Local-Global Multi-Kernel Regression"ICPR 2012 [pdf]
9- Marwan Torki and Ahmed Elgammal “Regression from Local Features for Viewpoint and Pose Estimation” ICCV 2011[pdf]
10- Marwan Torki and Ahmed Elgammal, “One-Shot Multi-Set Non-rigid Feature-Spatial Matching” CVPR 2010[pdf]
11- Marwan Torki and Ahmed Elgammal, “Putting Local Features on A Manifold”, CVPR 2010[pdf][code]
12- Marwan Torki , Ahmed Elgammal and Chan-Su Lee “Learning A Joint Manifold Representation From Multiple Data Sets”, ICPR 2010.[pdf]

Workshop Papers

1- Reham Mohamed, Maha Ragab, Heba Abdelnasser, Nagwa El-Makky and Marwan Torki "Al-Bayan: A Knowledge-based System for Arabic Answer Selection" SemEval2015 Co-located with  NAACL-HLT 2015, Colorado USA.[pdf]
2- Heba Abdelnasser, Maha Ragab, Reham Mohamed, Alaa Mohamed, Bassant Farouk, Nagwa El-Makky and Marwan Torki "Al-Bayan: An Arabic Question Answering System for the Holy Quran " ANLP (Arabic Natural Language Processing )Workshop  co-located with EMNLP 2014, Doha, Qatar.[pdf]
3- Tarek El-Gaaly, Marwan Torki, Ahmed Elgammal and Maneesh Singh "Multi-Modal RGBD Sensors for Object Grasping and Manipulation" IROS Workshops 2012 [pdf]
4- Tarek El-Gaaly, Haopeng Zhang, Marwan Torki, Ahmed Elgammal, Maneesh Singh  and Zhiguo Jiang "Multi-modal RGBD Sensors for Object Recognition"ACCV Special Session 2012 [pdf]



Marwan Torki, “Learning the Manifolds of Local Features and Their Spatial Arrangments”, Ph.D Thesis, Rutgers University, NJ, USA summer 2011.[pdf][presentation]
Marwan Torki, “Towards Efficient View Maintenance In Data Warehouses”, M.Sc. thesis, Faculty of Engineering, University of Alexandria. August 2006.