Marwan A. Torki
Assistant Professor
Computer and Systems Engineering Department
Faculty of Engineering
Alexandria University
mtorki @ alexu. edu . eg
  Marwan Torki

I have been an Assistant Professor at the Computer and Systems Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt since spring 2012. I obtained my PhD in 2011 from the Department of Computer ScienceRutgers The State University of New Jersey, under the supervision of Prof. Ahmed Elgammal

Dr. Marwan Torki is an Assistant Professor in the
Computer and Systems Engineering Department at Alexandria University, Egypt. He is also lecturing in VT-MENA (Virginia Tech Middle East and North Africa) and PUA (Pharos University at Alexandria). He received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Computer Science from Alexandria University in 2003 and 2006 respectively and his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Rutgers University NJ, USA in 2011. He is advising several undergraduate/graduate students in different research and development projects focusing mainly on computer vision and machine learning tasks.
Dr. Marwan Torki research wide interests are Computer Vision and Machine learning. His focus research includes Understanding, Feature Matching, Activity Recognition, Manifold Learning, Object Recognition, Detection and Arabic NLP.  He is currently a member of IEEE, he reviewed many papers in very prestigious Computer Vision related conferences like CVPR and ECCV. He is also a reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (TPAMI), International Journal of Computer Vision (IJCV), SPIE and MDPI Sensors Journal. He has one Book Chapter and publications in CVPR, ICCV, IJCAI, and ICPR conferences.

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Spring 2015
1- Digital 2nd year CSE with Prof. Mohamed Khalefa
2- Multimedia Systems at SSP CCE
3- Computer Vision for SSP 10th term
4- Computer Vision CSE 4th year
5- Computer Programming 2nd term SSP with Prof. Magdy AbdelAzim and Prof. Yousry Taha.
6- Directed Reading in Computer Vision "For Masters students with Prof. Mohamed Ismail

Fall 2014
Introduction to Computers and Programming (Prep year at Faculty of Engineering)


  • Paper accepted at WACV 16
  • Article accepted at Pattern Recognition Journal Sept 2015
  • Paper accepted at BMVC 15
  • Paper accepted at ICIP15
  • Paper accepted at SemEval15
  • Paper accepted at WACV 15
  • Paper accepted at ANLP workshop in conjunction with EMNLP 14.
  • Paper accepted at ICPR14 / Oral.
  • Project funded from Microsoft ATLC for the last year was concluded successfully.
  • Proposal Writing at SmartCI on Handwriting Recognition

Recent Publications

1- Moustafa Meshry, Mohamed E. Hussein and Marwan Torki "Linear-time Online Action Detection From 3D Skeletal Data Using Bags of Gesturelets" IEEE WACV 2016

2- Chan-Su Lee, AhmedElgammal and MarwanTorki "Learning Representations From Multiple Manifolds" Accepted in Pattern Recognition Journal, Aug. 2015 [pdf][doi]

3- Moustafa Meshry, Ahmed Taha and Marwan Torki "Multi-Modality Feature Transform: An Interactive Image Segmentation Approach" BMVC 2015, Swansea city, UK [pdf][Code]

4- Ahmed Taha and Marwan Torki "Seeded Laplacian: An Interactive Image Segmentation Approach usning EigenFunctions" ICIP 2015, Quebec city, Canada [pdf][code]

5-  Reham Mohamed, Maha Ragab, Heba Abdelnasser, Nagwa El-Makky and Marwan Torki "Al-Bayan: A Knowledge-based System for Arabic Answer Selection" SemEval2015 Co-located with  NAACL-HLT 2015, Colorado USA.[pdf]

6- Amr Sharaf, Marwan Torki, Mohamed Hussein and Motaz Elsaban "Real-time Multi-scale Action Detection From 3D Features" WACV 2015 [pdf]

7-Heba Abdelnasser, Maha Ragab, Reham Mohamed, Alaa Mohamed, Bassant Farouk, Nagwa El-Makky and Marwan Torki "Al-Bayan: An Arabic Question Answering System for the Holy Quran " ANLP (Arabic Natural Language Processing )Workshop  co-located with EMNLP 2014, Doha, Qatar.[pdf]

8- Tarek El-Gaaly, Marwan Torki and Ahmed Elgammal "Spatial-Visual Label Propagation for Local Feature Classification" ICPR 2014 [pdf][presentation]

9-Mohamed E. Hussein, Marwan Torki, Mohammad A. Gowayyed and Motaz El-Saban "Human Action Recognition Using a Temporal Hierarchy of CovarianceDescriptors on 3D Joint Locations"IJCAI 2013 [pdf][poster][Onset and Offset anntoations for MSRC12 gesture data]

Mohammad A. Gowayyed, Marwan Torki, Mohamed E. Hussein and Motaz El-Saban"Histogram of Oriented Displacements (HOD): Describing Trajectories of Human Joints for Action Recognition"IJCAI 2013 (oral)[pdf][poster][presentation]


  • Old News can be found here
  • The group of high shcool students (Ahmed Eltayebany and Ahmed Mesbah) that i am mentoring for Intel-Basef has qualified in the EGCSEF with first rank on CS competition.