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EE345: Microprocessors-1
Lecturer: Dr. Mohammed Morsy Farag


This course introduces basics and fundamentals of microprocessor interfacing and programming using the Assembly language. This course covers Intel 8086, 8088 processor hardware specifications, memory Interfacing, basic I/O interfacing, Interrupts, and Assembly programming.

Teaching Load (Spring 2014):
Course work and assesment (out of 125) are as follows:

Course Outline
  1. Assembly language Programming (Intel x86).
  2. General system design concepts, devices and support chips.
  3. Architecture of the Intel microprocessors.
  4. Intel 8086, 8088 processor hardware specifications
  5. Memory Interfacing, basic I/O interfacing, Interrupts
  6. Hardware configuration and control of: Common microprocessor support chips, e.g. Interrupt controller,  Popular I/O devices, e.g. UART, parallel IO, timers

Course Materials
Lecture 8 Introcuction [PDF]
Lecture 9, 10 Memory Interface [PDF]
Lecture 11 IO Interface [PDF]
Lecture 12, 13 Interrupts [PDF]
Lecture 14 DMA [PDF]

Sheet 7  Introduction to Hardware and Memory Address Decoding [PDF]
Sheet 8 Basic Input Output and Interrupts [PDF]

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