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CC 401: Digital Integrated Circuit Design
Lecturer: Dr. Mohammed Morsy Farag


This course introduces basics and fundamentals of digital integrated circuits and particularly CMOS circuits. Course objectives include:

  • Introducing Fabrication and Layout of MOS Devices
  • Study CMOS Inverters: Static and Dynamic Characteristics
  • Design CMOS Combinational Circuits and Sequential Circuits
  • Design and analyze memory and array circuits
  • Learn Hardware Description Languages to design digital ICs.
  • Use layout, modeling, and simulation CAD tools to design and analyze digital ICs.

Teaching Load (Fall 2015):

  • Lectures (2 hours), Tutorials (1 hour), Lab (2 hours)
  • Office Hours: Saturday from 11:30AM to 2:00PM.
  • Teaching Assistant: Eng. AbdulRahman AlTaweelah

Course work and assesment (out of 100) are as follows:

  • Attendance: 10 marks
  • 5 Labs: Use L-edit and Spice to layout, model, and simulate different digital ICs taught in the course:
    • Lab work: 10 marks

  • Project: 10 marks

    • Read this file [PDF] for the project details.
    • Teams are allowed (the maximum number of team members is two)
    • Project submission: you are requirred to submit a technical report summarizing your work and the project design files compressed in a zipped file.
    • The project is graded out of 10 and the submission deadline is 20/5/2015 and you should submit the project files to the course TA by the deadline.
  • A Midterm exam: 20 marks

  • A Final Exam: 50 marks

CAD Tools to be used are:

  1. Introduction, Fabrication, and Layout
  2. MOS Devices
  3. CMOS Inverters: Static and Dynamic Characteristics
  4. CMOS Combinational Circuits
  5. CMOS Sequential Circuits
  6. Other Digital IC families
  7. Memory and Array Circuits
  8. Verilog Hardware Description Languages

  • Textbook:
    • “CMOS Digital Integrated Circuits Analysis and Design 3rd Edition”, Sung Mu-Kang, Yusuf Leblebici
  • Supplementary References:
    • “Digital Integrated Circuit Design”, Ken Martin
    • “CMOS Logic Circuit Design”, John Uyemura

Lecture 1 Syllabus and Introcuction [PDF] , [PDF]
Lecture 2 MOSFET Layout [PDF]
Lecture 3 Fabrication of MOSFETs [PDF], [PDF]
Lecture 4 MOSFET Operation [PDF]
Lecture 5 CMOS Inverter Static Characteristics [PDF]
Lecture 6 CMOS Inverter Dynamic Characteristics [PDF]
Lecture 7, 8 CMOS Combinational Circuits [PDF]
Lecture 9, 10 CMOS Sequential Circuits [PDF]
Lecture 11, 12 Semiconductor Memories [PDF]

Sheet 1 CMOS Inverter Static Characteristics [PDF]
Sheet 2 CMOS Inverter Dynamic Characteristics [PDF]
Sheet 3 Combinaitonal MOS Circuits [PDF]
Sheet 4 Sequential CMOS Circuits [PDF]
Sheet 5 Semiconductor Memories [PDF]

Lab Assignments
  Guide to Tanner EDA [PDF]
Lab 1 CMOS Inverter Layout [PDF]
Lab 2 Static and Dynamic Characteristics of CMOS Inverter [PDF]
Lab 3 CMOS Combinational Logic Gates [PDF]
Lab 4 CMOS Sequential Logic Circuits [PDF]

Previous Exams
Mid-term Exams 2015, 2016
Final Exams 2015 , 2016

  • The course started in Saturday 13/2/2016.

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