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CC 322: Computer Architectures
Lecturer: Dr. Mohammed Morsy Farag


This course introduces basics and fundamentals of the general purpose computer architecture. Course objectives include:

  • Get familarize with MIPS Instruction Set Architecture
  • Study MIPS Microarchitecture and architectural variations
  • Study memory and I/O System for general purpose processors
  • Learn Hardware Description Languages to describe the computer architecture

Teaching Load (Spring 2017):

  • Lectures (3 hours), Tutorials (1 hours)
  • Office Hours: Saturday from 10:30AM to 12:00PM.
  • Teaching Assistants: Eng. Fatma Anwar

Course work and assesment (out of 100) are as follows:

  • Homework Assignments:

    • 10 marks

  • 5 Labs: Using HDL to design a small MIPS processor

    • 10 marks

  • Project: Design and testing of a simplified MIPS processor [PDF]

    • 10 marks

  • Midterm exam

    • 20 marks

  • Final Exam

    •  50 marks

CAD Tools to be used are:

Course Outline
  1. Design Principles associated with modern computer architectures
  2. RISC Instruction Set Architecture
  3. MIPS Micro-Architecture
  4. Memory and I/O System
  5. Hardware Description Languages

  • Textbook:
    • “Digital Design and Computer Architecture”, David Harris, Sarah Harris, 2nd Edition
  • Supplementary References:
    • “Computer organization and architecture: designing for performance”. William Stallings, 8th Edition

Course Materials (2017)
Lecture 1 Introcuction [PDF]
Lecture 2, 3 Hardware Description Languages [PDF]
Lectures 4-7 MIPS Instruction Set Architecture [PDF]
Lecture 8-12 MIPS Microarchitecture [PDF]
Lecture 13-15 Memory and I/O Systems [PDF]

Sheet 0 Hardware Description Languages [PDF]
Sheet 1 MIPS Instruction Set Architecture [PDF]
Sheet 2 MIPS Micro Architecture [PDF]
Sheet 3 Memory and I/O Subsystems [PDF]
Review Sheets on MIPS Microarchitecture and Memory Organization [PDF]

Lab Assignments
Lab 1 32-Bit ALU and Testbench [PDF]
Lab 2 Single Cycle MIPS Processor [PDF] 21/04/17
Lab 3 Multicycle MIPS Processor
Part I
Lab 4 (Bonus) Multicycle MIPS Processor
Part II
Project Pipelined MIPS Processor
(Up to 3 students)
[PDF] 06/06/2017

Previous Exams
Mid-term Exams 2016 , 2017
Final Exams 2016

  • The course has started on Tuesday 14/2/2017.
  • 24/4/2017: Midterm grades are announced Old_Bylaw , New_Bylaw.

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