Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering
School of Electronics, Communications, and Computer Engineering
Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST)

Digital Logic Design

Hossam Shalaby

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I.    Outline

  1. Syllabus.
  2. Binary Number System.
  3. Binary Arithmetic Operations.
  4. Boolean Algebra.
  5. Logic Gates.
  6. Gate-Level Minimization.
  7. Combinational Logic Circuits.
  8. Encoders and Multiplexers.
  9. Synchronous Sequential Logic.
  10. Analysis of Sequential Circuits.
  11. Design of Sequential Circuits.
  12. Registers.
  13. Counters.

II.    Text Book

III.    References

IV.    Handouts and Assignments

V.    Announcements

VI.    Acknowledgement

VII.    Old Exams

VIII.    Grades

IX.    Teaching and Assessments